Due to financial limitations, Abongile initially commenced her career in the insurance industry as a receptionist of a large company. However, her dedication, resilience, passion for learning and constant hard work soon paid off, propelling her to becoming an Underwriter Assistant at General & Professional Liability Acceptances (GPLA).

While at GPLA, Abongile was fortunate enough to be coached and mentored by renowned specialists within the field. They inspired her and assisted her in discovering a passion for Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

She spent 13 years in this field as an underwriter, where she was able to hone her supervisory skills, workplace etiquette, writing skills and critical thinking prowess to high levels of excellence.
In 2019, she joined Alphabelle as a broker. By virtue of her outstanding managerial aptitude and drive for success, she took charge of the majority of operations, which she executed with commendation.

Abongile always strives to exceed clients' requirements and expectations through her signature spirit of excellence, which she applies to all her endeavours.