Here are some tips on how to survive loadshedding.

  1. Go solar. Install a solar geyser, no one likes a cold shower, instal solar lamps in your garden as braai’s could be your only option. Consider getting a solar cell phone charger for your car,
  2. Get gas. Gas stoves and braais are becoming more and more popular. Gas is portable and you can take it to your mom’s house to make her dinner,
  3. Food keeps going off. Take some empty plastic bottles and fill them with water and leave them in the freezer. When the power goes off pack your frozen goods around the bottles to keep food frozen for longer and food fresher and cold,
  4. Have a good supply of batteries and torches on hand. Head torches help navigate the way through the house easily,
  5. Keep candles and matches in your bathrooms,
  6. It’s a good idea to invest in a generator or invertor. Some generators can power a whole house, but you might just need something smaller to supply power to a few appliances,
  7. Keep a car charger in your car and keep cell phones and tablets charged while driving.
  8. Enjoy a good old South Africa braai. Keep charcoal and meat in the freezer so you are ready rob raii when needed.