Vanessa has built a notable career in the insurance services field. This was a natural
progression from her having studied law and finding a suitable application of her knowledge and
experience within an area that excites her. She had always, since her school days, been
somebody who strove for excellence in all matters, while covering as much as her time and
abilities allow.

Having attained a law degree, followed by a LLM (Master’s in Law) as well as having made her
mark as an admitted attorney, Team Manager in the Legal Liability Department at Outsurance
and Manager of the Professional Indemnity- and Medical Malpractice claims department at SHA
(Santam), she was well-geared and ideally positioned to start her first business at the age of 32.
This had always been on her agenda due to her entrepreneurial nature, and because she
enjoys operating with limited external limitations.

Her company, Alphabelle, is well-established in this field. Here she is committed to providing the
best-in-class, tailor made broker solutions, including suiting all her clients’ needs. Hard work,
enthusiasm, extensive product and industry experience, a strong team and an excellent support
system have made Alphabelle a huge success as the preferred PI broker of hundreds of clients
within a short period of time. It has also implanted trust in various A-rated underwriters that often
refer clients directly to Alphabelle.

Vanessa is the key individual, founder, and director of Alphabelle.

Aside from Alphabelle, she is also the director and co-founder of a newly established financial
services provider, Bespoke & Co; a broker and one-stop shop for medical practitioners
protecting their long- and short term risks (professional as well as personal).

She lives her life to the fullest every day, and she believes in having and pursuing a vision. In
the process, it is important for her to create opportunities for the people around her, and she
believes in the importance of making the world a better place for them too.

Her professional focus is to become known as one of the preferred Liability and Professional
Indemnity Brokers in the Professional Indemnity- and Medical Malpractice Insurance Industry.
She is extremely passionate about – and dedicated to – awesome service as it thrills her when
she can exceed her clients' expectations.

However, in spite of this busy life as a professional, she also strives to do something
constructive with her family. A happy wife to an incredibly supportive husband, and mother of
two very busy and gifted preschoolers, she also makes time to be director of a family business
involving property investments and rare game breeding.

In addition, she and her immediate family are working at establishing Bella Bohemia: an
up-and-coming boutique hotel and organic farm-to-fork restaurant and spa, including a boutique
renting company and online shop of high-end and high-class products.

The commencement of the latter venture happened spontaneously for Vanessa and her
husband, because they both hold a profound ardour for landscaping, architecture, interiors,
gardens and the synergy and enduring relationship that link them together. It is, for instance,
one of the reasons they decided to build their home on the bushveld near Pretoria.

Besides being a committed wife and mother, she makes time to enjoy a glass of red wine with
her family – most notably her twin sister, who is married to her husband’s brother. They are part
of a close-knit family who enjoy spending time together, including camping in the Kruger
National Park and visiting the Western Cape regularly.