About Us

Our insurance brokers have been arranging insurance cover since 2011. Alphabelle was created with a vision to be the market leading specialist liability insurance provider in South Africa.

We service hundreds of smaller businesses and enterprises with liability insurance solutions that are as diverse and unique as they are.

Core customers for Professional Indemnity insurance include:


lawyers icon


architects icon


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doctors icon


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Investment Advisers/Managers

clinics icon

IT Companies

real estate agents icon

Real Estate Agents

hospitals icon

Hospitals & Clinics

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Project Managers

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Business Coaches

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Medical Providers

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Website Designers

software developers icon

Software Developers

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Engineers, Quantity & Land Surveyors

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Advertising Agencies




In all cases, these policies provide protection for our policyholders that includes defence costs and damages for third party claims arising in the ordinary course of running their businesses or operations.

Unexpected legal problems range from simple “hold liable” situations for basic bodily injuries and/or property damage and liability, or health and safety breaches to complicated allegations around negligence or breach of duty.

Let us help you get covered!



Vanessa Gouws


Vanessa Gouws

Vanessa has built a notable career in the insurance services field. This was a natural progression from her having studied law and finding a suitable application of her knowledge and experience within an area that excites her. She had always, since her school days, been somebody who strove for excellence in all matters, while covering as much as her time and abilities allow.



Abongile Walaza


Abongile Walaza

Due to financial limitations, Abongile initially commenced her career in the insurance industry as a receptionist of a large company. However, her dedication, resilience, passion for learning and constant hard work soon paid off, propelling her to becoming an Underwriter Assistant at General & Professional Liability Acceptances (GPLA).